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Private Parties

Looking for something FUN to do with your friends, family, co-workers or employees??  You can now book your own PRIVATE event at our DIY Studio! 

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Our private parties are PERFECT for a ladies night out, bridal shower, bachelorette party, work gathering, church groups, team building, birthdays, or any other reason you want to get together with friends and have some fun! 

And, once you get 8 or more paid guests, then yours is FREE!  Our studio can accommodate up to 24 crafters.  Most projects range from $40-$60, just depending on the size you choose and optional upgrades like a frame, etc!  Our kids workshops are usually around $30-$35.  The price will be shown on each workshop date once it's posted :) 

To schedule, just send us and email at the email below!  You can email to check out the calendar and choose your time and date.  There may be a $50 fee to book the party that is refunded to you as long as the minimum of 10 paid guests is met.  Once your date and time is confirmed, your event will be added to our website under 'upcoming events' where you and your guests will be able to register and choose your design!  Everyone must pre-register and choose their design BEFORE the party so we have enough time to prepare the materials.  Parties usually take between 1.5-3 hours depending on the project.

Most of our private parties are catered towards adults, but we have plenty of projects to suit any age so if you're wanting to bring children to craft, please contact us so we can show you some options for the kids.  

Can't meet the minimum?  No worries!  You can either book a spot at one of our public parties (under upcoming events), or we can package up your party as 'DIY Take Home Kits' for you to enjoy and create at your leisure! Just shoot us an email!


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