Loaded Lumber N. Fort Worth is a Do IT Yourself Workshop  (located at 12520 Willow Springs Rd. Ste 112 ) that specializes in preparing unfinished wood projects into wall worthy pieces.  We offer step by step Crafty Workshops, Private Parties, and handcrafted gifts and DIY kits  in the North Fort Worth area.  Guests enjoy a night of doing a project as an individual, with a group or a date night with your special someone while enjoying a BYOB atmosphere.

We take pride in the service we provide. We are not simply selling a product but the service. Anyone can simply Youtube how to DIY a project but when they come to us we provide all the materials, one on one teaching instruction and a fun filled atmosphere ensuring you go home with a beautiful finished project. 

Private workshops are great for a ladies night out, bridal showers , team building activities, birthday parties and more!  Since no experience is required, it's fun for all skill levels so you can just relax and enjoy being creative!

Just a FEW examples of the *FUN* projects you can make at one of our workshops! 

Splattered Paint

Splatter Paint Experience

Enter the Splatter Zone!

The messiest and most colorful thing to do!!

Express yourself fully without restriction at Splatter Paint Experience.

Enjoy this messy high energy art.

Grab your friends & family and come get messy!

We have paint flying everywhere! 

Leave your inhibitions at the door as you fling paint at your canvas, our Splatter Zone walls, and each other!

The Experience includes: 

  • Private use of our Splatter Chamber

  • 9x12 Canvas Panel

  • Protective Gear

  • Paint and Supplies

We will have larger sized canvases available and you can purchase more paint at an additional price per 2oz bottle.


What to Expect

  • Each painter will receive a 9x12 blank canvas panel (upgraded canvas are available)

  • We provide protective gear such as paint suit/poncho, booties and hair covers. Goggles are also available for use.

  • Plan to remove your shoes and socks and paint barefoot in the booties.

  • Paint is machine washable however we highly suggest guest wear clothes they do not care about just in case.

  • Your masterpiece will be wet so plan for transportation of a wet canvas. It could take up to 24 hours to dry. We can hold painting for up to 48 hours upon request

  • Every Experience is private - you will never be grouped together with people you don’t know.

Express yourself with our new Splatter Experience, where you will be able to throw paint filled sponges/ brushes/hands at a blank canvas.

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